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Welcome to our Art Gallery Creator website.


We have just released version 1 of our 3D Art Gallery Creator.

You can download and try it out for free from the link below... ( Currently the editor is PC/Windows only, a Mac version of the editor should be available at the end of April. Note however that both PCs and Macs can view the online galleries created by the PC editor, so Mac owners are advised to gain access to a PC for editing in the short term )

You can use the product to create your own personal online art gallery. Your artwork will be displayed just like it would be in a real, physical building ( which for many artists is the ideal way to display their work ).

This gallery will be visible to over 340 million people who already have the Shockwave technology installed ( it can be downloaded for free over broadband in seconds, and in a few minutes even for a slow modem ).

View some sample galleries?

Our virtual art gallery can even offer advanced features over conventional art galleries, such as allowing you to choose your own custom music and introductional voice-over for the room, as well as allowing for ( optional ) different voice-overs per individual piece of artwork.

How much will the final product cost?

Purchase An
Individual Artist License
( $99 US Dollars Sterling )
Purchase An
Individual Student License
( $59 US Dollars Sterling )
Purchase An
Educational License
Purchase A
Commercial Gallery License

For an individual artist ( more than 75% of the artwork in the gallery must be your own work ), the cost of a license for the software will be a one-off payment of $99 US dollars. This license allows you to create up to 10 individual rooms, so a complete 3D art gallery room could cost as little as $10!

For art galleries ( displaying a number of artists work ), the cost of a license will vary depending on your requirements, and will consist of a yearly fee. To get a minimum figure, multiply the number of artists in the commercial gallery by the cost of the individual license. Additional service charges will apply.

For individual full-time student artists, the cost of a license will be $59 US dollars ( there may be some restrictions on the more advanced features of the software, and the term STUDENT will be displayed at start-up ).

For schools and colleges ( displaying a number of students work ), the cost of a license will vary depending on your requirements, and will consist of a yearly fee. To get a ballpark figure, multiply the number of student artists by the cost of the individual student license. Additional service charges may apply.

Having problems loading the online gallery from your website?

Most servers support Shockwave immediately. If you are having problems loading your art gallery after uploading it, your server might have to be configured to support Shockwave files.

Click here to find out how to do this.

Join our online artist community

If you want to give us any general comments or feedback on the virtual gallery, you can join our online forum and post your thoughts. Just click on the link below...

Click here if you would prefer to contact us directly.

If you would like to be informed as soon as the software is uploaded, click here.
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